Category Examples

Below is a list of commonly submitted items and the categories they fall under. If you do not see a series listed please contact us for category information.

Do you want us to carry an item which is currently considered a custom-size item as a standard-size item?  Please contact us and let us know.

General Rules for Categorizing your Items:

  • If Star Cases will fit your action figure, then it would be considered a standard size item.
  • If your item is a standard-size, basic release action figure from a major toy line, it will almost certainly be considered either a standard size or a standard oversize item.
  • If you don't see the toy line you wish to submit below, please don't worry!  We can certainly grade your items, but they may be considered custom size for tier pricing purposes.

The list of toy lines below is by no means a complete list.  It simply includes some of the most common toy lines submitted for grading.  Toy lines which list action figures as standard sizes may also contain certain action figures and other toys which are considered custom sizes.  For example, most modern era Star Wars items are considered in-stock modern, but certain odd-size items such as the 300th Boba Fett or 500th Darth Vader would be considered custom-sized items due to the unusual shape and unique nature of their packaging.

Action Cars - 1/24   Custom
Action Cars - 1/64   Custom
Die-Cast - Playsets   Custom
Die-Cast Carded - Trucks & Other Non-Standard Sizes   Custom
Hot Wheels - Other Standard Size Carded   Standard
Hot Wheels - Red Lines   Standard
Hot Wheels - Treasure Hunt   Standard
Johnny Lightning - Standard Size Carded   Custom
Matchbox - Playsets   Custom
Matchbox - Standard Size Carded   Custom
Star Wars - Vintage Die-Cast Boxed   Custom
Star Wars - Vintage Die-Cast Carded   Standard