Helpful Hints

  • Clean off all dust, debris, and dirt from the packaging or loose item before sending in your submission. The safe way to do this is with a dry cloth or very mild cleaning solvent. We cannot recommend one cleaning solvent – you need to research what solvent will remove the dirt or debris without harming your collectibles.

  • When screening or grading your modern figures before submitting them, look for the following common flaws:
    • Bubble dings on the interior and exterior bubble
    • Creases visible from the front of the card

  • An AFA 85 is typical of a figure pulled from a factory case, but these figures will still exhibit minor flaws. For more information visit the Grading Scale page.

  • If you have a figure that’s valuable or very important to you, we recommend that you double box it when shipping it to AFA.

  • Inspect your bubble carefully for even the smallest cracks because those flaws will greatly affect the grade your figure receives.

  • Check all boxed items for double tape from the factory because AFA only grades double-taped items in the rare instances where the majority came from the factory that way. There are very few vintage items that AFA will grade when double taped.

  • If you are sending in loose figures, confirm that you are sending in the correct number and color of accessories. AFA will not grade incomplete action figures in most instances.