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VGA - Re-Case Pricing

for items previously graded by VGA
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Products and Services excluding Shipping and Insurance.
Item Classification****
For custom-sized items measure the height, width, and depth of an item in inches and add them together to find the sum of the 3 sides.
Priority Re-case Standard Re-case   UV (archival) Material Upgrade)
Must Be Under $25000 value
7-10 day turnaround
Must Be Under $1000 value
15-20  day turnaround
for items submitted under Standard, Express, and Premium Tiers
Tier Code Tier Price Tier Code Tier Price Upgrade Code Upgrade Price
Standard Size Game** V-S-R1 $30 V-S-R2 $23 +UV $15
Custom Size 1**** (sum of 3 sides is less than 20") V-C1-R1 $49 V-C1-R2 $38 +UV $20
Custom Size 2**** (sum of 3 sides is 20-29") V-C2-R1 $67 V-C2-R2 $52 +UV $30
Custom Size 3**** (sum of 3 sides is 30-39") V-C3-R1 $80 V-C3-R2 $61 +UV $40
Custom Size 4**** (sum of 3 sides is 40-49") V-C4-R1 $121 V-C4-R2 $94 +UV $90
Custom Size 5**** (sum of 3 sides is 50-59") V-C5-R1 $182 V-C5-R2 $140 +UV $120

**a complete listing of standard size games can be found at Standard sizes include most common size games from popular consoles.
****If items do not qualify as standard size, they should be submitted under the applicable custom size tier.