UV-Resistant Acrylic Cases

AFA offers a high-quality UV-Resistant acrylic case to protect your items from light damage. This material is the highest quality material on the market and is used by museums to protect very important articles. The material is UF-5 material and it blocks over 99% of harmful spectrum of light.

There are 2 ways to get your submission encased in UV-Resistant Acrylic:

  1. Submit your item under any tier and pay an additional UV Upgrade fee. The fee differs depending on the item you submit. The UV Upgrade fees can be found on the Pricing and Tier Codes page.
  2. Submit your item under the Archival Tier - UV-Resistant Acrylic is included in the Archival Tier submission cost. In addition to a UV-resistant case, the Archival Tier offers the fastest turnaround time possible for an AFA submission. When we receive your item(s) they are automatically put in the grading room for immediate inspection. The turnaround time for Archival submissions is 1-6 business days (depending on the type of item) - faster than any service previously offered by AFA.

    The price for the Archival Tier depends on the Fair Market Value of your figure. The price is 2.5% of the Fair Market Value or the listed price, whichever is greater. Fair Market Value can be determined by looking at a price guide or on eBay for similar items. There are minimum costs associated with each Archival Tier submission depending on the size of the item. The maximum price for any Archival Tier submission is $250. The detailed price guidelines can be found on our Pricing and Tier Codes page. The Archival Tier is required for any standard-size item that is worth $1000 or more.