Pricing and Tier Codes

Due to COVID19 imposed limitations, Projected Completion Dates will not be guaranteed until further notice.
 The turnaround times listed below are not accurate and will remain so as we safely reconfigure our production processes.
Packaged Toys - Grading Cost Recase Cost

DCA - Re-case Pricing

for packaged toy items previously graded by DCA
Item Classification****
For custom-sized items measure the height, width, and depth of an item in inches and add them together to find the sum of the 3 sides.
Priority Re-case Express Re-case   UV (archival) Material Upgrade)
Max Value
14-21 day turnaround
Max Value
30-40 day turnaround
for items submitted under Priority and Express Tiers
Tier Code Tier Price Tier Code Tier Price Upgrade Code Upgrade Price
Custom Size 1**** (sum of 3 sides is less than 20") D-C1-R1 $53 D-C1-R2 $38 +UV $25
Custom Size 2**** (sum of 3 sides is 20-29") D-C2-R1 $70 D-C2-R2 $54 +UV $30
Custom Size 3**** (sum of 3 sides is 30-39") D-C3-R1 $91 D-C3-R2 $72 +UV $40
Custom Size 4**** (sum of 3 sides is 40-49") D-C4-R1 $147 D-C4-R2 $114 +UV $80
Custom Size 5**** (sum of 3 sides is 50-59") D-C5-R1 $203 D-C5-R2 $162 +UV $110
Custom 6 - 60 inches or more**** D-C6-R1 CALL D-C6-R2 CALL +UV CALL

Have your item gently cleaned to remove dirt, debris, and sticky residue if possible. +CL     $5  

**a complete listing of standard size action figures can be found at Standard sizes include most common size action figures from popular toy lines.
****If items do not qualify as standard size, they should be submitted under the applicable custom size tier.