Return Shipping and Insurance Rates

Our pre-paid return shipping rates apply to the Continental United States only. Return shipping charges for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and all destinations outside of the United States are billed once your submission has been completed and is packaged for return shipment. Additional information on international shipments can be found at the bottom of this page.

Domestic Shipping/Handling Rates

For detailed instructions on how to determine shipping and insurance rates, please click here.

total number of items to be shipped back together** Shipping Level 1 Shipping Level 2 Shipping Level 3 Shipping Level 4 Shipping Level 5
for all standard-size video games and custom 1 sizes for all custom 2 sizes for all custom 3 sizes TBD Upon Completion
TBD Upon Completion
UPS* USPS Priority UPS* USPS Priority UPS* USPS Priority UPS* USPS Priority UPS* USPS Priority
1 item $17.90 $26.90 $26.90 $35.90 $37.30 $71.80

2 to 3 items $9.70 each $13.80 each $15.20 each $30.40 each $22.10 each $60.70 each

4 to 6 items $8.60 each $11.40 each $12.40 each $22.80 each $17.90 each $52.40 each

7 to 10 items $7.90 each $10.40 each $11.00 each $22.80 each $15.20 each $52.40 each

11 to 15 items $7.60 each $10.40 each $10.40 each $22.80 each $15.20 each $52.40 each

16 to 24 items $6.90 each $10.40 each $9.70 each $22.80 each $15.20 each $52.40 each

25 or more items $6.20 each $10.40 each $6.20 each $22.80 each $15.20 each $52.40 each

*We strongly encourage using UPS for return shipping. The rates offered are much less expensive than USPS Priority Mail and we've found UPS to be a much safer method.
**To determine the correct rates for return shipping, please calculate the total number of items from all grading scales & divisions which will be shipping back together.

Return Shipping Insurance Rates (Domestic & International)

Total Submission Insurance*** UPS Rates USPS Priority Rates
Insurance of less than $50 FREE $1.70
Insurance of $51-100 $1.00 $2.15
Insurance of $101-200 $2.00 $2.60
Insurance of $201-300 $3.00 $4.60
Insurance of $301-400 $4.00 $5.55
Insurance of $401-500 $5.00 $6.50
Insurance of more than $500 $5.00 + $1.00 for each additional $100 (or fraction thereof) $6.50 + $0.95 for each additional $100 (or fraction thereof)
Other Return Shipping Options    
Signature Confirmation / Signature Required Option*** $4.50 $4.50

***NOTE: Submissions with a total insured value of $500 or more require the Signature Confirmation option.

International Shipping/Handling Information

International Return Shipping Rates

Shipping rates vary for international customers and customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. When we receive your submission, we will charge only grading fees, return insurance, and box charges. Shipping rates will be calculated and billed once your submission is packaged to be returned to you. A credit card number should be provided for return shipping in order to avoid delays CGA will bill your credit card for applicable return shipping charges which will include an added 3% fee for credit card payment processing + a $7.50 per box materials and handling fee.

International Return Shipping Methods

CGA will use the following return shipping methods for international customers unless an alternative method is clearly specified. However, you may be responsible for additional fees related to non-routine pick-ups by your chosen carrier as well as additional handling fees.

  • For boxes less than one cubic foot AND valued at $400 or less, return shipments will be sent via USPS Airmail. Please note that USPS Airmail shipments are NOT trackable. Please request another method if you would like your submission returned via a trackable method.
  • For boxes over one cubic foot, less than 79 length plus girth (girth equals height x 2 + width x 2), and valued at $400 or less, return shipments will be sent via USPS Express or UPS Expedited 3-5 day delivery. Please note that USPS Express will only be used when the cost is at least $10 less than UPS.
  • For boxes larger than 79 length plus girth or valued at over $400, return shipments will be sent via UPS Expedited.

Please note that CGAs international UPS return shipping rates are discounted by 50-70% off published UPS shipping rates and these savings are passed on to you. All large boxes require return shipment via UPS due to the package size restrictions of USPS.


International insurance rates are the same as those for domestic shipments. For insurance rate information, please check the insurance rate table above.

Customs Information (Incoming Shipments)

If your items are shipped to us via a private shipping company, we may be billed customs clearance fees. If we are charged clearance fees, we will bill your credit card for the exact amount we are billed. Please note that we are not usually billed fees for incoming shipments via the postal service or UPS.

Customs Information (Return Shipments)

Your submission will be sent back declared for only the value of the acrylic material used to case your items. Because all insurance provided is provided via a third party insurance company, we do not declare the insurance pertaining to your items in the shipping or customs documentation. Therefore, customs fees are usually minimal or non-existent. We will include documentation stating that your items were sent to the U.S. for grading and authentication purposes only and are being returned to you. It has been our experience that international customers rarely have a difficult time dealing with customs when this documentation is included. If you have further questions about any applicable duties in your country, please check with your local customs office for further information.