Minimum Declared Values

AFA requires at least relatively accurate values to be assigned to items submitted for grading. Please be aware that the proper declaration of value is for your protection as this is the maximum compensation you will receive in case of damage. The value you declare should represent the value you would place on your item after it has been graded and is ready to ship back to you. It should also include all costs such as shipping and grading fees associated with your item. If you’d like an estimate of what your item is worth, we recommend checking completed eBay auctions or looking for identical or similar items for sale on the internet from various collectors and dealers. We are happy to assist however we can, but we are often hesitant to estimate the value of items, as this is not where our expertise lies. We provide grading and authentication services and can’t always stay up-to-date with values throughout collectible markets.

If you’d like to inquire about recommended values, please feel free to contact us and we’ll try to help you to the best of our ability.

While the list displayed below includes only a small fraction of items which are required to be insured for a certain value, it represents some of the most common items which must be insured for at least the value listed. These values relate only to carded and sealed in box items graded under the AFA Standard Grading Scale which are in moderate to high grade, or estimated to grade an AFA 75 or higher. These values are by no means an accurate reflection of actual value, and are as stated, the minimum values we will allow. We strongly encourage you to insure your items for their full replacement value which would be much higher than the values listed below in the vast majority of cases.

Item Minimum Value
GI Joe 20-backs $250
GI Joe 9/11-backs $300
GI Joe Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes V1, Firefly $800
GI Joe Storm Shadow, Destro, Snake Eyes V2 $500
GI Joe Vehicles/Playsets - VAMP or larger (1982-1985) $500
MOTU 8-backs $300
MOTU Giftsets $300
Star Wars 12-backs $350
Star Wars 20/21-backs $250
Star Wars 3-Packs $1,001
Star Wars Rare POTF Action Figures (ex: AT-AT Driver) $500
Star Wars VC Jawa, POTF Anakin, POTF Yak Face $1,001
Star Wars Vehicles/Playsets (1978-1979) $500
Transformers G1 Cars $300
Transformers G1 Giftsets $1,001
Transformers G1 Jets $300
Transformers G1 Large Scale (ex: Metroplex) $500
Transformers G1 Other Items (1984-1986) $300
Transformers G1 Prime, Megatron, Jetfire, Soundwave $1,001