Why Use AFA

Peace of Mind for Buyers

Today's collector has seen a huge growth in sight-unseen purchases. The purchase of action figures through the Internet, mail and phone have opened the door to greater selection and prices never before available to collectors. On the other hand, it is impossible to know exactly what you are getting until it arrives. A seller could describe the figure in C9 condition and you purchase the item. When you receive it, you think it looks more like a C8. Sure, you can return the figure, but you're left feeling cheated and lose money and time on the transaction. AFA virtually eliminates this problem by standardizing the grading scale.

In addition, counterfeiters exist in any collectible market where money is involved. The carded action figure market is no exception. These crooks attempt to deliberately alter or counterfeit items for monetary gain. With today's advanced technology in computers, printing presses, etc. counterfeiters now have the advanced tools to successfully mislead the collector. They can actually create reproduction card backs and can even remove blister bubbles and reapply them without anyone knowing! While it is not always easy to spot their forgeries or tampering, the graders at AFA are experts at identifying them.

Figure graded by AFA gives you the confidence and peace of mind to know that the figure is authentic and has been properly graded by a professional. Buyers will enjoy the peace of mind and security of knowing exactly what they are getting.

Higher Resale Value for Sellers

Sellers can usually expect a dramatic increase in the resale value of their figures if they are graded by AFA. Buyers trust AFA graded items for all of the above reasons. Also, because they know what to expect, buyers tend to return AFA graded figures less frequently than other items. EBay is an excellent example of this...just look at our eBay Auction Watch and you'll see the amazing market demand for AFA graded figures.

Improved Display Quality

AFA uses only the finest quality acrylic and materials when casing the figures. In addition, the design of the AFA case is unique and pleasing to the eye. For these reasons, an action figure graded and cased by AFA makes a very nice display piece for any collection. Even items that are irregular sizes will be graded and cased under our custom tier.

Preserves the Condition of your Action Figures

Once a figure is AFA graded, it is carefully cased inside one of our durable acrylic cases. It is then completely sealed from human contact, unless someone makes the conscious choice of breaking it out of the case. Therefore, your figure is kept in the same condition as it was when it was graded. It will not be touched by human hands and then hard acrylic prevents it from sustaining any additional creases, bubble dings, or other damage.

All of these reasons make the cost of AFA grading seem to pale in comparison to the benefits.