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Premium Membership Info


Our premium membership is designed for collectors who frequently utilize our services and want to enjoy exclusive deals and offers. 


Experience the enhanced benefits of our New and Improved Premium Membership! Enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions while earning points that can be redeemed for credit. Earn points for various activities, including your initial sign-up, submission order and case purchases, social media engagement, and even on your birthday! As a special welcome, you'll receive a unique CGA-branded welcome box, showcasing our appreciation for your membership. 



  • Earn points to redeem for store credit!
    • $50 Sign up bonus  
    • $25 Birthday Points
    • Earn 5% on submission orders and case purchases
    • Follow us on social media
  • Exclusive discounts and coupons
  • CGA Member Welcome Box


How do I redeem my points?

In your rewards dashboard, click on ways to redeem and select the $$ amount you want off of your purchase. Once selected, the amount will be added to your account as store credit and will automatically be applied to your purchase at checkout.

Where do my points go after I click redeem?

Once you click redeem your points are added to your account as store credit and will remain in your account until the entire balance is used. To view your store credit balance go to your account info and click on orders.

Will the membership renew automatically?

Currently the memberships do not auto renew. You will receive an email a before your membership is subject to expire with a link to repurchase.

Can I use my points on the CGA store or only for grading?

Your points can be used towards your submission payment or CGA store purchase of sliding bottom cases and polybags.

Do points expire?

Your points will remain in your account as long as you member. If you are no longer a member and still have a points balance please contact for redemption.  

Can I use coupons and points?

Yes, you can use both a coupon code and points which are redeemed as store credit.

When will I receive my welcome box?

For our domestic customers, expect your box to arrive within 30 days of signing up. As for our international customers, we'll ship your box out along with your first submission or purchase.

What if I didn’t receive my points?

In some cases points can take up to 72 hours to show on your Rewards Dashboard. If you still haven't received your points after 72 hours, please contact our customer service at 

Do I have to be a member to send items in for grading?

You do not have to be a member to send in items for our grading services, however if you are a member you will receive exclusive benefits, such as 5% back in store credit for all submission orders and purchases.

As a member, do I get a discount on every submission?

You will get 5% back for every submission order and online purchase. Your points can then be redeemed for store credit, the more you earn, the more you save on your next purchase! As a member, you will also receive exclusive discounts and promotions throughout the year.


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