Category Examples

Below is a list of commonly submitted items and the categories they fall under. If you do not see a series listed please contact us for category information.

Do you want us to carry an item which is currently considered a custom-size item as a standard-size item?  Please contact us and let us know.

General Rules for Categorizing your Items:

  • If Star Cases will fit your action figure, then it would be considered a standard size item.
  • If your item is a standard-size, basic release action figure from a major toy line, it will almost certainly be considered either a standard size or a standard oversize item.
  • If you don't see the toy line you wish to submit below, please don't worry!  We can certainly grade your items, but they may be considered custom size for tier pricing purposes.

The list of toy lines below is by no means a complete list.  It simply includes some of the most common toy lines submitted for grading.  Toy lines which list action figures as standard sizes may also contain certain action figures and other toys which are considered custom sizes.  For example, most modern era Star Wars items are considered in-stock modern, but certain odd-size items such as the 300th Boba Fett or 500th Darth Vader would be considered custom-sized items due to the unusual shape and unique nature of their packaging.

Batman – Carded/Boxed Figures   Custom
Battlestar Galactica - Carded Figures   Standard
Battlestar Galactica - Modern Re-Issue   Custom
Beast Wars   Custom
Black Hole - Boxed   Custom
Black Hole - Carded Figures   Standard
Buck Rogers   Standard
Buck Rogers - Boxed   Custom
Buffy   Custom
Clerks   Custom
Danger Girl   Custom
DC Comics, DC Direct, DC Heroes   Custom
DC Direct - Hush, Kingdom Come, etc. regular size character   Custom
DC Direct - Larger scale boxed characters   Custom
Doctor Who   Custom
Dungeons & Dragons   Custom
Family Guy   Custom
Farscape   Custom
Gears of War   Custom
GI Joe - (Eco-Warriors, Euro Tiger Force, Super Sonic Fighters, Talking Battle Commanders, etc.)   Custom
GI Joe - Boxed   Custom
GI Joe - Carded Figures   Standard
Harry Potter   Custom
Hellboy   Custom
Indiana Jones - 1990 and Newer (Modern)   Standard
Indiana Jones - Horse   Custom
Indiana Jones - Last Crusade Spanish Figures   Custom
Indiana Jones - Mailers   M2S, M3S, M4S, M5S
Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark Carded   Standard
Indiana Jones - Temple of Doom   Custom
Lego   Custom
Lord of the Rings - Knickerbocker   Standard
Lord of the Rings - Play Along, Toy Vault   Custom
Lord of the Rings - ToyBiz   Custom
Marvel Comics / Marvel Heroes   Custom
Marvel Legends   Custom
Masters of the Universe - Boxed   Custom
Masters of the Universe - Commemorative Series   Custom
Masters of the Universe - Modern 2002-2004   Custom
Masters of the Universe - Modern Classics (Collector Club)   Standard
Masters of the Universe - Vintage Carded   Standard
McFarlane - Monsters   Custom
McFarlane - Spawn   Custom
McFarlane - Sportspicks   Custom
McFarlane - Sportspicks: Superbowl, World Series   Custom
McFarlane - Tortured Souls   Custom
Movie Maniacs - Boxed   Custom
Movie Maniacs - Carded   Custom
Movie Maniacs - Deluxe 2 Pack   Custom
Muppet Show - Boxed   Custom
Muppet Show - Carded   Custom
Pirates of the Caribbean - Boxed Dolls and Board Games   Custom
Pirates of the Caribbean - Carded   Custom
Planet of the Apes - Mego   Custom
Planet of the Apes - Modern Era   Custom
Pocket Heroes   Custom
Power Rangers   Custom
Rocky - Jakks Pacific   Custom
Secret Wars   Standard
Simpsons - Boxed   Custom
Simpsons - Carded   Custom
Spider-Man   Custom
Star Trek - Mego   Custom
Star Trek - Playmates   Standard
Star Wars - Boxed   Custom
Star Wars - Carded Figures   Standard
Star Wars - Carded Figures graded/cased within Clamshell   Custom
Star Wars – Die-cast Vehicles   Standard (DCA division)
Star Wars - Early Bird Kit   MLSPS
Star Wars - Loose Multi Figure Sets with 2-5 Figures (excludes Mailers)   L2F, L3F, L4F, L5F
Star Wars - Loose Vintage Action Figures   Loose (4” Scale)
Star Wars - Mailer Display Arena   MLSPL
Star Wars - Mailer Display Stand   MLSPL
Star Wars - Mailers   M2S, M3S, M4S, M5S
Star Wars - Regular Deluxe   Custom
Star Wars - Vintage 3-Pack   Custom (Archival)
Star Wars Dolls - Modern   Custom
Star Wars Dolls - Vintage   Custom
Starting Lineup - Boxed   Custom
Starting Lineup - Carded   Standard
Starting Lineup - Headline   Custom
Starting Lineup - One on One   Custom
Super Powers - Carded   Standard
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Boxed   Custom
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Carded Figures   Standard
Thundercats - Larger Bubbles & Different Sizes   Custom
Thundercats - Regular Carded Size   Custom
Transformers - Generation 1 Carded Combiners, Boxed Cars and Jets   Standard
Transformers - Generation 1 Carded Mini-Cars/Cassettes   Standard
Transformers - Reissue Cars & Jets   Custom
Transformers - Takara   Custom
Transformers - Various Sizes   Custom
Tron - Carded   Standard
World's Greatest Super Heroes - Carded   Standard
World's Greatest Super Heroes - Window Box   Standard
WWE Classis Super Stars   Custom
WWE Ring Giants   Custom
WWF - Larger Characters   Custom
WWF - Regular Size Carded   Custom
X-Men   Custom