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Why CGA?

Why CGA?

Posted by Collectible Grading Authority on 15th May 2023

Thinking of sending us your items, but aren’t sure if it's really worth it?

Graded collectibles represent the top tier of desirability in many hobbies as they provide assurance of an item's authenticity and a formalized, reliable method for assessing condition. The result is a higher value for these items among collectors, as well as a higher level of confidence between buyer and seller across any marketplace.

Why trust us with your collectibles?

With over two decades in business, CGA are the pioneers in grading for both action figures and video games. Over that time, we have assessed over half a millioncollectibles, establishing a worldwide reputation for integrity and trust in the process. Because we understand that condition is paramount and every customer's collectible is important to them, we treat each item as if it were our own and ensure that it is tracked, secured and protected at all times while in our care. Our grading experts' standards are applied objectively and fairly, helping differentiate subtle details in condition among a wide variety of collectibles, which provides collectors with a level of familiarity and confidence in the scores each item receives. Once authenticated, each item receives a label with the grade and all pertinent information displayed, then is sealed in our crystal-clear, hand-crafted acrylic display case, custom-made in our facility, to give your item an increased level of protection and an exceptional presentation which is unmatched in the industry.

You can trust that your graded collectibles will be highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. It's no wonder that many of AFA and VGA graded collectibles have sold for top dollar.

Don't just take our word for it - check out what other collectors have to say about our grading services!


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"VGA wrote the book on grading and authenticating video games.   They have seen it all. They have the experience and consistency that has earned their credibility with collectors."

-Dan R


"For my collection, there’s only one grading option, VGA.

Not only are they the pioneers of video game grading & encapsulation, but their custom acrylic design makes my collection really stand out. Also, VGA can grade anything. From Video Games & Consoles to controllers & Vidpro cards!"

-Jeff M

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