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Nintendo SNES/N64 Game Acrylic Display Case

$21.99 - $29.99
Please allow 3-4 weeks for UV case processing
7 1/16
4 15/16
Standard Depth:
1 3/16
Street Fighter II Depth:
1 7/16
Material Thickness:
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Protect and display your collection with our hand-crafted acrylic case. 

This case holds one SNES / N64 game and is designed with a sliding bottom to open and close the case. This case is designed to fit both Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 boxed video games.

Our Nintendo SNES / N64 action figure cases come in two depths to fit different games. 

  • Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 boxed video game cases are 7 1/16" wide x 4 15/16" tall x 1 3/16" deep and fit most SNES / N64 games (except those mentioned below)
  • Street Fighter II 30th Anniversary Edition cases are 7 1/8" wide x 5" tall x 1 3/16" x 3 1/8" deep 
  • These cases will not fit the new Megaman X 30th Anniversay SNES version.  We recommend ordering a custom case for that game.

Cases are offered in standard material with slight UV protection or upgraded UV resistant material. The UV-resistant UF-5 material blocks out 99% of harmful spectrums of light and is often used in museums to protect very important articles.

If you want to display your collectibles hanging we can add an acrylic wall mount to the back of the case for easy hanging and display.

The collectible is not included - the product being sold is the acrylic case only.

Product Features and Highlights:

    CGA uses only the highest quality acrylic with a minimum thickness of 1/8 “ (3.2mm).

    Our cases are crystal clear acrylic, so that your item can be clearly viewed from all sides.
    Gently hold your collectible in place, ensuring optimal placement for protection and visibility.

    We  custom design our cases for every item's specific measurements with an added ⅛” to each dimension to allow the collectible to be inserted and removed without interior rubbing.

    Every edge, inside and out, is flame-polished to perfection by our master acrylic craftsmen for increased visibility. 

    So you can enjoy your collectible item displayed perfectly in your case or held in your hands.

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